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What type of Art Collector are you?

Photo by Martino Pietropoli on Unsplash


Recently I came across a fascinating article in Artsy by Evan Beard while searching the topic of art collecting (link here )which listed the Four types of Art Collectors. The categories are below:

1.  THE ENTERPRISING COLLECTOR - Lives to continually redefine and disrupt the ever changing art scene.

2.  THE CONNOISSEUR - Utilizes their time and knowledge to make art decisions, as well as just for the joy of intellectual discovery.

3.  THE TROPHY HUNTER - Motivations derived from legacy and the thrill of the hunt for the rare and precious.

4.  THE AESTHETE - Prefers to rely purely on taste and visual pleasure.

Delving into the article, it seems that each category of collector has several things in common. They all consider art to contain a unique quality, having value ( either intrinsic or extrinsic), and see long term benefits in ownership.

Never being labeled as all that enterprising or much of a hunter type (unless it’s hunting for guilt-free snacks that is), I choose to focus on The Aesthete and The Connoisseur art lovers that walk among us.

According to the article, the connoisseur is said to be fiercely independent with little concern for social acceptance when it comes to choosing art. If it must be known, I think I have somewhat of a soft spot for these rebels. It sounds like they go with their gut instinct when it comes to art. But they have an unusually well informed gut I’m assuming. Like being able to pick the best melon in the grocery store kind of instincts. At last, something we can all relate to!

When you give it a little thought, wouldn’t our parents and grandparents be considered The Connoisseurs? They proudly displayed our artwork all over their homes for years with no concern if friends, family and neighbors approved. Why, I wouldn’t be surprised if they still have some of that artwork carefully stored for future generations to see! That gives me an idea for a future challenge. I would love to see fellow art enthusiasts most naïve and endearing works of art!



 A photo of my niece's fabulous artwork from years past

On to The Aesthete for who I’ve recognized on several occasions and many times over, not to mention being a proud card carrier myself. Paraphrasing Beard’s article, Aesthetes harbor attributes that include a contrarian sensibility, short attention span, and the ability to choose art that’s years before its time. In my mind that looks an awful lot like a trailblazer! Gazing upon a work of art that makes you forget where you are, even who you are for a split second is something that happens on a routine basis for The Aesthete.

Most often there is an emotional response that also follows when The Aesthete takes in an amazing image. These are the sensitive souls that quite frequently say “ I love to surround myself with beauty “. It’s as if they gain a wonderful energy or feeling from a beautiful image or form that’s present in all art, be it visual, literary or musical. 

Art will always be the sum of all its parts which magically correlates to each human on the planet. Acquiring art that sings to you and that you love is the only prerequisite to becoming a bona fide art collector. What could be more rebellious and disruptive than that? Whether you’ve never acquired art before or if you have an extensive collection already, art will always be there to enhance and enrich our lives. All we have to do is give Art a chance.


                          Photo by Alejandro Barbas from Upsplash

Please let me know how you would classify yourself as a collector and what you love about art in the comments.

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