The Art of Emotions

The Art of Emotions

“When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.” - Haruki Murakami

I wonder if anyone has counted exactly how many emotions that travel through us in any given day? Some days are indeed stormy and unclear but within the dawn of the next, vivid with clarity.

While working on another painting, some aspects are unclear. I’m feeling both concept and composition to be more of a struggle than usual. The fear my old and dear confidant, the imposter monster, bursting on the scene, making herself comfortable is becoming inevitable. Usually the sure fix to that is to continue breathing, continue painting, and most of all . . . continue smiling. When you find something that works, don’t mess with it.

The very next day I’m on a flight that will most definitely change my life and that of many others that I hold dear. A feeling of great responsibility and regard for human life consumes but also calms me by its weight. It’s taken a year and a half but I’ve finally been approved as a match to donate a kidney to my best friend’s husband, Carlos. It’s been over six years of agonizing struggle for them both. It becomes very clear when someone in your close circle is in dire need, do you help when you have the ability to, or do you not? As mentioned before, this would constitute clarity. Carlos is a very reserved but proud man and his wife Kim a very special, exuberant woman. Seeing them both prior to the procedure was in fact Art of emotion.

These last few months of devoting myself to painting, meditation and expanding my reading has made me incredibly focused on discernment of what’s important. What’s important to you may differ but it’s still a tremendous part of what makes up our unique experience that we then share with the world. 

Back to emotion. Most of us can remember the artwork of our first, beloved children’s books. Within those books are the beautiful and iconic images we take with us through childhood that help us form ideas, dreams, and vibrant stories of what life may hold for us. Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak was the apex of this era for many wide-eyed youths. The storyline and illustrations are legendary with timeless appeal. You feel every emotion brought to life with the rhythmic nuances of the writing and the captivating depictions of each character and scene.  The story comes down to a child’s anger and when he creates in his imagination, a place of wild wonder, he expends that energy in a beneficial way and ultimately returns home where he knows he’s loved. Maurice was reported as saying “These are difficult times for children. Children have to be brave to survive what the world does to them.” For most creators, so much emotion goes into every piece of art that many might not be aware of but it translates in a very universal way.

Maurice Sendak Where The Wild Things Are (1963)

If you’re the curious type, all went swimmingly with the kidney transplant and both parties are doing great! What I noticed while taking my mandatory walks around the hospital halls was that they had artwork on the walls. Art is indeed therapy with wonderful healing properties. Even one of the sweetest nurses there commented on my tote bag and asked where I got it. I then explained I picked up the bag from a thrift store and hand painted a design on it. I was thrilled she liked it. I might just have to pick another one up just for her and send it to her as a thank you gift! The Art of praise and generosity makes a lasting impact and isn’t easily forgotten.

From where I stand, art can be a great guide in any storm and can lead you to a better place where clear skies are always around the corner. How has art touched your life for the better. Please share in the comments.

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