Does wonder resemble care?

Does wonder resemble care?

Photo by Drew Dizzy Graham on Unsplash

I wonder. That’s what I do. I wonder if you do too? Hey, that sounds like the beginning of a great new pop song! In all seriousness though, in the last few days, I found myself a tad hesitant to blog. Chalk it up to my old insecurities that create an illusion that my blogs aren’t essential or relevant in the whole scheme of things

I use the term illusion because anything you write is meaningful to you. There is no irrelevant personal expression. Your expressions make up the sum total of your life experience.

I suppose if you have a questioning mind, why feel hesitant? Is it a matter of feeling hesitant to share more of my thoughts with you and the world at large? Or perhaps it’s a fear of being too ambiguous for this day and age of e-commerce? Either way, I believe it’s high time to commit to “just be yourself” so they say. By the way, I’ve always wondered who continually qualifies for the mysterious they and exactly who are they?

And now we’ve reached the topic of today’s blog. Does wonder resemble care?

Just a moment ago I glanced out my window to see my fellow man walking up his driveway. I know he’s a jogger because he mentioned it once in a conversation. I couldn’t help but notice his gate and stride seemed to be strained. How is he? Did he have a recent injury? Is he frustrated that he has to put off jogging for a while? All things that I wondered about at this precise moment. Does wonder resemble care?


Photo by Ghen Mar Cuano

Then I think about how most of us don’t get to talk to our loved ones as much as we’d like due to the pressures of the daily grind. This could be construed as precious moments wasted in terms of a lifetime, but I also wonder about that. In all reality, we wonder about how they are all getting along on a daily basis and hope they’re all safe, healthy and happy. Wonder resembles care more and more in this instance.

It’s nice to wonder about others. And when I say nice, I really mean comforting. It’s comforting to think about others because it makes life bigger than just the individual. Those people that hold a special place in your heart and mind help your world expand.

Considering the countless moments and memories we have of our time spent with others, it’s a beautiful mystery how we effortlessly makes room for even more every single day.  Does wonder lead to growth in our ability to care for ourselves as well as others? This is all juicy subject matter for neuroscientists who are hot on the trail to explore and reveal for which I can’t wait to gain knowledge from. Any other neuroscience geeks out there?

In the end, we all wonder and we all care. How do I know this you ask? Because you’re breathing and because you’re here on this planet. Thanks for being here and thanks for caring. Bravo you! Keep up the great work!

Cheers and Best Wishes,

Julie (Juju) Hickman

P.s. If you’re so inclined, you can listen to today’s song choice by Renee & Jeremy 🎼



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