Being Curious About Life

Being Curious About Life

Painting Title: Pool of Light by Julie Hickman. This painting was inspired by recent written and visual elements regarding Japan.

“Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present.”
- Albert Camus 

When I think about all the most memorable moments and artwork I’ve been a part of in this lifetime, it always begins with curiosity. Curiosity and beauty are my biggest motivators in life.

The motivation of enormous financial success, the way it is generally looked upon in present society, is always appealing but one could never dismiss the price of success. I guess it comes down to what matters most to the individual. Success can come in all sorts of different forms.

Having the time to be curious about what subjects to paint, what books to read, what music to listen to or discover, and the ultimate and universal query of what to have for dinner all hold valuable currency for me. I also value making art that represents a creative spirit that in turn lives on in whoever views it.

Thinking back on what an artist personified in my mind as an adolescent brings forth words such as mysterious, elusive, tortured, and misunderstood geniuses. At present I think to myself, couldn’t that be said about every single person walking the earth at one time or another? We are all geniuses in our own way now aren’t we? It’s what we do with that genius that matters.

The true artistic masters of the past continue to retain their mythical status for me but it is such a privilege to be able to learn more about their passions, inspirations and philosophies behind their art.

There is also something to say about not knowing an artist’s every thought though. We are often left to presume, assume, guess, formulate, or try our hardest to predict them. All those words sure seem like close relatives to curiosity. Curiosity is beautiful! Curiosity stems creation. Here’s a WONDERFUL presentation about CURIOSITY by Cassini Nazir and the Center for Brain Health.

Painting: Saturday in the Park by Julie Hickman. A song of the same name by Chicago inspired this painting along with touches of Fauvist color use.

I enjoy being easily fascinated. The work of other living artists sometimes leaves me in awe even when they show every stroke of their process. To me, it’s pure magic. Kevin Mcsherry is an artist that creates amazing artwork and also hosts painting studies on YouTube. Discovering this sparked the difference in the colors I used for the painting above.

Imagining an orange sky and purple trees enhances the dream of a perfect day at the park. My daughter and I both love owls. Having an owl by your side is like always having continuous access to your own wisdom. That’s great company indeed.

There are endless ways of looking at art and life. Infinite perspectives exist in every piece of art, music, book and person for that matter. Staying open to what comes next, looking at everything with wonder, and as much kindness as I can muster, is how I approach every day and every painting.

Keeping with the theme of curiosity, would you like to see what it looks like at the top of Mauna Kea roughly 14,000 ft above sea level? (Click the first photo to learn more)




The climb to the top took 5- 1/2 hours with winds up to 90 miles per hour. That’s my pink windbreaker in the corner of the photo I purchased at a local Salvation Army on the Big Island of Hawaii. Who thinks of packing something warm for Hawaii?😂

Good for you! Way to stay curious! It’s that kind of curiosity that will get you far, maybe even as far up as the top of Mauna Kea or to the completion of your next creative endeavor!

As always, thank you for reading. Thank you for your support of the arts and artists everywhere! Please feel free to share this story with someone special.💕

Cheers and stay above the clouds,

Julie (Juju) Hickman

 p.s. If you’re so inclined, you can listen to today’s song choice. Blinded By The Light by Manfred Man’s Earth Band. ( Learn about the song here )

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