Be kind to Yourself

Be kind to Yourself

.              Photo by Priscilla Du Preez from Upsplash

With the turmoil we’re experiencing around our world, it’s rather easy to become overwhelmed and distraught at the sheer scale of it all. 

That’s exactly the time to think small. 

Small things tend to emphasize their true value. Small things like being kind to yourself. 

Usually I’m not one to whisper sweet nothings to myself, but you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that. I have yet to meet the person with absolutely no room for improvement 😊

I’ve recently started deleting emails and items in my personal feed that create a feeling of lack or inadequacy.  You know the one’s that target belly fat, thinning hair and things you weren’t worried about before you clicked on the article. As mentioned previously, there are far more important things to devote attention to. Like wonderfully, whimsical pumpkin carvings done by schoolchildren !

 Serious things will always present themselves at the time and place they’re meant for. Being consumed by additional issues that reside outside your control and catastrophes yet to occur do nothing to remedy them. 

Any given day requires serious thought but I find that starting the day with kind thoughts towards yourself and others fuels and empowers you to do your best thinking. I believe that’s why I prefer Loving - Kindness meditation compared to other methods. When you’re kinder to yourself, it shows in your interactions with others and hopefully brings a little more peace and ease for all involved.

I read about a great suggestion to jot down a few things you’re proud of at the end of day. If you’re like me though, you may need to write it down while they happen because you’ll forget.

Example #1

I have the amazing ability of cramming a small bowl with salad ingredients to the degree that defies physics! 

Example #2

If someone has an awkward moment right in front of me, I make sure to lighten the mood by saying “now that’s something I would do”.

As you can tell, these things are infinitesimally small but that’s the whole point. After a while, you learn more about yourself and how what you do truly makes a difference.

After a while, you find ways you can do more and just see how your list grows. 

For instance, we found ourselves at a Christmas craft event recently that featured over 200 artisans and their seasonal offerings. It really drove home the idea that not only are there multitudes of talented, creative people in my community but the amount of people that came out to appreciate their art far exceeded my imagination.

Stopping by and chatting with other artists and craftspeople to discuss their art and process is always a kind thing to do. All artists appreciate it.  Like Delaine Gerstbauer’s booth. A wood carver extraordinaire to be sure. Her work is mesmerizing and makes you forget everything around except what’s in front of you.


There are definitely times to think BIG but there are just as many times to devote to the small, beautiful and wonderous things that surround us. They are closer than we realize.

If you feel like adding to your list of proud things, just let me know what you think of this blog post. What does being kind to yourself look like for you?

Cheers and Nothing but the best,

Julie (Juju) Hickman

P.S. If you’re so inclined, you can take a listen to today’s song choice by Michael Franti


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